About 1TONE

Here at 1TONE drums we offer high quality, fine tuned instruments, each made with love and devotion.

We love tuning our instruments to various scales from different parts of the world, so if you are looking for a special scale or a modus that is not on our list, just ask us.

Learn how to play

Get some cool tips to start playing right away.
Find out about the right strike, hand positioning, choosing chords and more in a series of tutorials by Hidai Liberman from Talking Drums.

This year we are celebrating our 10th birthday!

Dear 1TONE owners, we would like to thank all of you for your support and your love throughout the years. Our research and progress wouldn’t be possible without your appreciation.Thank you for letting our vibrations resonate all over the world!


Healing music

1Tone Drums are the creators of the Chakara Overtone Drum© a healing-musical steel tongue drum made exclusively for chakraovertonedrum.com. The tones and the scale of this instrument are tuned according to the research of Dr. Barbara Brennan an American physicist and pioneer in the field of energy healing, the author of “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”.
“According to Dr. Brennan’s work, the chakras are energetic and emotional organs, which can be energized and restructured both by healing and by sound. We’ve used her research of the fundamental tones of the chakras, to tune the Chakra Overtone Drum to those exact frequencies, creating a musical instrument that resonates with the body’s organic sounds perfectly” says Yadin Kaplansky – co-founder of Organic Frequencies.