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About 1TONE

Here at 1TONE workshop we offer high quality, fine tuned instruments, each made with love and devotion.

We love tuning our instruments to various scales from different parts of the world, so if you are looking for a special scale or a modus that is not on our list, just ask us…

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Making the FunTone

Our most popular instruments

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Our new ZenCanoe bell has a gentle tone with a relaxing, natural timbre and long lasting sustain. It is perfect for meditation sessions or yoga classes and can be a great addition to your house entrance, office, studio or workshop.

The long lasing tone of the ZenCanoe contains a “beat” in it’s vibration. This wavy sound can help us relax, meditate, or reduce stress by stimulating the activity of the low frequencies in our brain.

Each size of bell produces a different pitch. Bigger bells have lower pitch, smaller ones have a relatively higher pitch.

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Dream Harp

This instrument is fine tuned and elegantly designed to fill the needs of anyone! It’s shape is beautiful for presentation and it’s slim profile is handy on road. The sound of the Dream Harp vibrates strongly creating a dreamy atmosphere. The Dream Harp is suitable for many uses; in class, on stage, in musical circles or at therapy sessions.

We cut, polish and tune each aluminium bar by hand, giving full guarantee for a perfect pitch. The frames of our instruments are precisely cut by CNC from bamboo or Birch plywood making the Dream Harp very durable for traveling. The Dream Harp is suitable for therapists in the fields of Music/Sound Therapy, Guided Imagery, Healing, Yoga and Meditation classes.

Learn how to play

Get some cool tips to start playing right away. Find out about the right strike, hand positioning, choosing chords and more in a series of tutorials by Hidai Liberman from Talking Drums.

This year we are celebrating our 10th birthday!

Dear 1TONE owners, we would like to thank you all for your support and love throughout the years. Our research and progress wouldn’t be possible without your appreciation.
Thank you for letting our vibrations resonate all over the world!

Healing Music

1Tone Drums are the creators of the Chakara Overtone Drum© a healing-musical steel tongue drum made exclusively for The tones and the scale of this instrument are tuned according to the research of Dr. Barbara Brennan an American physicist and pioneer in the field of energy healing, the author of “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”.

“According to Dr. Brennan’s work, the chakras are energetic and emotional organs, which can be energized and restructured both by healing and by sound. We’ve used her research of the fundamental tones of the chakras, to tune the Chakra Overtone Drum to those exact frequencies, creating a musical instrument that resonates with the body’s organic sounds perfectly” says Yadin Kaplansky – co-founder of Organic Frequencies.


Simply because of the pure and rich sound of our instruments. We love our job and always devote ourselves to each instrument. 1TONE is a pioneer brand in steel tongue drum world, during our work over the years we have built hundreds of instruments by hand, developing and progressing with each one.

Just order one in our online shop. it will take us two-four weeks to build your 1TONE drum. shipping will take additional 3-7 days.

It takes a few strikes to get the idea, for some it can take a few hours of practice. There is no need to have musical education of any sort to play our instruments. The steel tongue drum is a really easy instrument to learn and play due to the fact that it is diatonic, meaning it has only one scale so you will never play a wrong note.

It is there to protect the sides of the drum and for other acoustic reasons.

Our instruments are made of a strong steel but… as all musical instruments, if not treated with care, the tuning might be ruined. All the owners receive a maintenance guide ( .pdf file ) with the drum, for best maintenance please follow the guide’s notes.

If your 1TONE did get out of tune, we guarantee a lifetime FREE tuning. ( not including shipping charges or taxes)​.

Our drum can get pretty loud. We specially designed our new FunTone drum to reach high volumes for playing outside by combining our steel with the wright shape and proper tuning. If you are playing outside or in a loud environment/instruments please do not forget to play with a reasonable force, to prevent any harm to your instrument and hands. FunTone drum reaches it’s peak volume with a relatively light stroke, the trick is in the speed of the touch.