Diamond Rise | Small | C minor


Dream Harp Diamond – Lift

C minor |  C E G A# C E G

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Dream Harp | the Instrument

Diamond Rise

This is a melodic percussion instrument with a pleasant, clear and long lasting sound.

Playing it slowly and gently, gives the instrument a therapeutic character. This instrument is suitable for therapists in the fields of Music/Sound Therapy, Guided Imagery, Healing, Yoga and Meditation classes.

About our Dream Harps

The Dream Harp is elegantly designed to fill the needs of anyone! It’s shape is beautiful for presentation and it’s slim profile is handy on the road. It’s sound vibrates strongly creating a dreamy atmosphere. This instrument is suitable for many uses; in class, on stage, in musical circles, in sound therapy sessions and more.
We cut, polish and tune each aluminium bar by hand, giving full guarantee for a perfect pitch. The frames of our instruments are precisely cut by CNC from bamboo or oak tree making the Dream Harp a very durable instrument.

Playing the instrument

This instrument is very easy to play, it is intuitive for anyone. The Dream harp encourages slow and relaxed playing thanks to its long sustain. In order to produce the optimal sound from the instrument, strike it softly with the mallet at the center of each tube.

Playing with an unsuitable mallet may produce an unwanted sound so please stick to our sticks..

DreamHarp Dimond - D Minor, video

1TONE | the Brand

1TONE is the pioneer brand in the field of steel tongue drums. We gave this instrument it’s name and in fact were the first ones in the world to tune partials in this kind of idiophone.

Our drums are fine tuned to perfection, their sound inspires creation and induces  a harmonious environment for the player and the listener.

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Dream Harp - lift

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 97 x 92 x 5 mm

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