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FunTone Pro


Fine tuned steel tongue drum.

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Product Description

The FunTone Pro model, a fine tuned steel tongue drum handmade by Anton Koren of 1TONE.

There are 8 notes and 15 additional overtones tuned inside each one (two partials per note).

FunTone Pro is a great choice for a beginner, professional musician or enthusiast.
The small size and the slim shape make this drum an ideal instrument for traveling.

*This drum comes with a padded bag and a pair of mallets.

We ship almost everywhere in the world, please use our shipping calculator to find out about the shipping fees.

Shipping usually takes up to a week.

This instrument is made of 1.7mm thick nitrated steel.

Weight: 4kg
Diameter: 40cm
Height: 12cm

You are welcome to contact me for any further information.


Additional Information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 12 mm

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