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FunTone Pro, 8 Tones

G Tetratonic  |  G A B D G A B  D

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FunTone | the Instrument

The FunTone is a steel tongue drum, a percussion instrument with a musical scale producing deep and rich sounds.

Build Quality

We designed our drums to be very comfortable for use with hands, the shape of the FunTone makes the playing experience effortless.
We treat the metal with carbon and nitrogen in order to make it more resonant and responsive to touch.

Playing the instrument

The FunTone can be played by anyone,
it’s very easy to master in compare to other instruments,
there is no need for a previous musical experience. You can play the drum with your hands or with the mallets that come with it.

FunTone scales

This scale consists of 4 tones in two octaves. It is very harmonious and has a rich sustain.

This tuning is great for musical therapy sessions, musical meditations, jam sessions and work with children.

1TONE | the Brand

1TONE is the pioneer brand in the field of steel tongue drums. We gave this instrument it’s name and in fact were the first ones in the world to tune partials in this kind of idiophone.

Our drums are fine tuned to perfection, their sound inspires creation and induces  a harmonious environment for the player and the listener.

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FunTone - C Nikriz

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 12 mm

C Nikriz