MagnetBack | Mini Kalimba 7 | G Major


MagnetBack Mini Kalimba 7 Notes

G Major  |   G B D F# D B D

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Dream Harp | the Instrument

Everybody can play and enjoy this Kalimba. This is a perfect gift for all music lovers.

The unique feature of this compact instrument is the powerful magnet that is located on its base allowing the sound to be amplified by any metallic object it is connected to.


This petite Kalimba will fit inside your pocket giving you the opportunity to take your music everywhere you go. It’s sound is very gentle while played “unattached” so one can remain unnoticed in a time of need, but as soon it touches a random object, the sound becomes much stronger and can be heard from far away. Experiments with different materials will lead to various sound effects.

In the package

Comes in a small metal box that can be also used as a resonating chamber.

Magnetic Kalimba - G Major, video

1TONE | the Brand

1TONE is the pioneer brand in the field of steel tongue drums. We gave this instrument it’s name and in fact were the first ones in the world to tune partials in this kind of idiophone.

Our drums are fine tuned to perfection, their sound inspires creation and induces  a harmonious environment for the player and the listener.

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Europe $55
USA/Canada/Japan/Russia/Australia $65

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We ship our products all over the world.

FunTone - C Nikriz

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Sound samples

Magnetic Kalimba - G Major, video

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 mm

C Nikriz