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Om Bell

Tone – G3

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Om bell | the Instrument

Om bell

This iron bell produces a low, meditative sound, reminding the sound of an Asian gong.

Its continuous sustain turns the mind for listening and quiets troubling thoughts.

This bell is played by moving the rope.




Suitable for therapeutic clinics, schools, kindergartens, yoga and meditation centers, office and more.

The bell has three sizes, with different sounds.



Comes with an iron hook for hanging

Magnetic Kalimba - G Mionr, video

1TONE | the Brand

1TONE is the pioneer brand in the field of steel tongue drums. We gave this instrument it’s name and in fact were the first ones in the world to tune partials in this kind of idiophone.

Our drums are fine tuned to perfection, their sound inspires creation and induces  a harmonious environment for the player and the listener.

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Sound samples

Magnetic Kalimba - G Major, video

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 14 × 17 × 6 mm

C Nikriz