FunTone Models

Funtone Basic
1 overtone

this drum has 8 notes with 1 harmonic (partial/overtone) tuned inside each note

$ 495

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Funtone Pro-8
2 overtones

this drum has 8 notes with 2 harmonics (partials/overtones) tuned inside each note

$ 535

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Funtone Pro-9
2 overtones

this drum has 9 notes with 2 harmonics (partials/overtones) tuned inside each note

$ 649

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About the
Funtone drum

The “FunTone” is the latest model of our steel tongue drum. Our premium “Pro” model is harmonically tuned having two partials ( overtones) tuned to each note.

We designed this drum to be very comfortable for playing. The form of the instrument has just the right angle for a natural wrist positioning making the playing experience effortless. This drum is very loud despite it’s small size, it can be easily heard in a busy street or while accompanied by other instruments.

After a long search for the perfect material, we have now found our favorite steel alloy. We treat the metal with carbon and nitrogen in order to make this instrument more resonant and responsive to touch, this also strengthens the body of the instrument turning the FunTone into a very durable steel tongue drum.

This tongue drum is made of two steel shells 1.5mm thick and weighs 4kg. The diameter of the FunTone is 40cm.